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 Service and UX designer creating exceptional user experiences

Have you ever wanted to feel the material of a piece of clothing before you buy it online? For visually impaired people, this can be a challenge. That’s where my material palette comes in. It allows blind or visually impaired customers to experience the texture and quality of different fabrics, making online shopping a more inclusive experience for everyone.

As a service and UX designer, I have created a material palette that can help online clothing shops cater to the visually impaired population. By offering a way for users to feel the texture of the clothes, shops can increase their sales and tap into a massive untapped market. My website showcases this project and others like it, demonstrating my abilities as a service designer and UX designer.

By implementing this material palette, online clothing shops can tap into a huge market of visually impaired customers and increase their sales. But that’s just one example of how I can use my skills as a service and UX designer to help businesses grow and thrive.

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