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Hospital Mobility Service: Making Navigation Easier

“Detectable Sensors and Innovative Technology for Hospitals”

I have created a mobility service for hospitals that utilizes detectable sensors placed both inside and outside the building. Through my app, users can easily navigate their surroundings and access important information, such as food displays, shopping options, and real-time updates on wait times. The app can even detect the number of people in a given area and help users find free spaces to sit and wait comfortably. With user-friendliness and accessibility in mind, I have included features such as voice-activated commands and large text and buttons for those with visual impairments. My goal is to make navigating hospital environments more convenient for everyone.

In addition to the mobility service, I propose implementing a “Seal of Quality” for healthcare facilities and fitness centers. This seal indicates that the facilities have implemented sensory technology to guide visually impaired patients throughout the facility. The sensors recognize the user’s capabilities, language, and physical attributes, making it easier for them to navigate and access the services they need. This will ensure that the visually impaired feel welcome and safe in any health-related setting.

Empowering the visually impaired with sensory technology is essential to creating a more inclusive healthcare experience. By implementing these solutions, we can improve accessibility and convenience for those with visual impairments, while also increasing the quality of care for all patients. As a service and UX designer, I am committed to creating products and services that meet the needs of all users, no matter their abilities or preferences. Contact me today to learn more about how we can work together to make your business more inclusive and successful.

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