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Polishing the Design I See Health APP

Polishing the Design

I See Health App

by Bárbara Plasencia


I See Health App is a mobile health app that includes a personal health history and 

access to medical and healthcare professionals. 

Users can make appointments with a doctor, search for health-

Related activities, and purchase items such as gadgets, accessories, clothing, and magazines. 

The app is specifically designed for the visually impaired, blind, and people who need help using these apps.

The app filters out doctors and medical personnel who are trained in caring for and working with visually impaired people, and whose offices and premises are prepared to receive them.

Users can filter health-related activities with rewarded points.


Through competitive analysis and user research, we were able to evaluate some of the products on the market that would be direct competitors and determine what the user needs were.

Most Health-related Apps do not offer an easy way for people to make appointments with health physicians, or even a way to find and assist to Health related activities crafted for persons with visual impairments.

 This, helped me craft our problem statements. 

– Apply voice guidance

– Reduce cognitive load

– Be able to access a filtered system of health physicians and health-related places and activities for this group of users.


The creation of “User personas” helped us understand their history. 

Where they come from, and their actual needs. 

What do they feel, and why? 

What do they think, and why? 

What do they need and why? 

Why do they do and act in certain ways and why?

Knowing all this we can help them approach their needs in an easy and fast way. 

Designing systems according to their needs.

With this app, we help them approach their true needs.

We have come to understand many hidden issues when approaching this kind of health app for personas that aren’t used to apps, personas that can not see well, and personas that can not see at all.

What methods have you used to reduce the cognitive load for your users?

With the user interviews, I discovered the points of frustration, such as a need for voice guidance and a need for color and big text or images. 

Images with visual descriptions and the need to apply simple task flows. 

The app is very intuitive, so the user can find out how it works by using it.


Participant 1


Name Natalia

Age 35


Moderate visual impairment. 

Uses apps frequently

Uses phone daily only for chats, calls, 

and videos.

Participant 2

Personal Interview

Name Damian

Age 17

Course of study

Moderate visual impairment. 

Uses Apps frequently.

Uses phone daily only for calls, chats, videos, and games.

Participant 3


Name Susana

Age 81 years old


Moderate visual impairment. 

A Luddite 

Never uses Apps. Uses the phone every day only to call.

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