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Empowering Doctors for Better Care

Enhancing Empathy and Understanding for the Visually Impaired by Bárbara Plasencia
Doctor wearing a white doctor jacket. He is crossing his hands and smilling. He has black hair and a short beard and mustache with white and black hair.

As someone who worked alone on the creation of a health app for the visually impaired, I conducted surveys and interviews with the target users. I discovered that doctors and fitness teachers are not prepared to treat visually impaired people properly. To solve this problem, I proposed creating a “Seal of Quality” that certifies doctors, fitness teachers, and health professionals who have been trained to communicate and provide empathetic care to visually impaired patients. This seal of quality will ensure that the visually impaired will receive the best possible care and feel safe and comfortable in health-related settings.

Image of a woman with black hair and long neck sweater. She is smiling and wears pink lipstick. She has one hand slightly touching her face.

Bárbara Plasencia