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Innovative material palette for visually impaired customers

Designing for Inclusivity: Creating an Innovative Material Palette for the Visually Impaired by Bárbara Plasencia

A material palette that I have created for online clothing shops. This material palette is specifically designed for visually impaired customers who want to experience the texture and quality of different fabrics before making a purchase online.

The material palette is a physical kit that contains samples of different fabrics, textures, and colors. The samples are labeled with braille, making it easy for visually impaired customers to identify the different materials. Additionally, the material palette includes a 3D-printed model of each fabric sample, allowing visually impaired customers to feel the texture and quality of the fabrics even if they can’t see them.

The kit also comes with a guide that explains how to use the material palette and provides tips for selecting the right fabrics based on the desired texture and quality. By using this material palette, online clothing shops can provide a more inclusive shopping experience for all customers, regardless of their visual abilities. They can tap into a huge market of visually impaired customers who are often overlooked in the online shopping world, while also increasing their sales and brand loyalty.

But my material palette is just one example of how I can help businesses grow and thrive as a service and UX designer. With my expertise in human-centered design, I can help you create exceptional products and services that meet the needs of all your customers, no matter their abilities or preferences. Contact me today to learn more about how we can work together to make your business more inclusive and successful.

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Bárbara Plasencia