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Vector image of a face outlined with blue lines connected by points. Her eyes are closed and she is a woman. The face is on the left side of the image and is tilted looking down. It is assumed that she is in space and looks towards the planet earth.

Creating a System Persona for Alexa or other devices

Creating a “System Persona for Alexa” or other devices involves designing a distinctive voice and personality that is consistent with the brand identity and target audience. A system persona should reflect the values and character of the brand, while also being engaging and relatable to users.

As we believe in the future integration of system personas with AI for Alexa and other devices, a well-designed system persona can be of great help in creating a more engaging and personalized experience for users. The system persona should convey personality traits and emotions, use a conversational tone, and sound natural and relatable.

During my “VUI Design” at the Career Foundry, I learned how to create Skills for Alexa Devices.

At the Amazon developer’s Web, you can immerse yourself in all the information:

Alexa Skill Designer, System persona, Voice User Interface Design

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