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Prototype Persona for a Voice Design Interface

Ariana – a Proto Persona for a 5-minute recipe skill
A user voice persona image explaining how she is in the text. On the top left corner n image of a sporty joung woman wearing sport clothes (Black shorts and white top) Ther columns and background image pastel purple and white. There are some charts on the image.
When creating a user persona for a voice system designed for Alexa devices, it’s important to consider the characteristics and needs of the target user. The persona should be based on extensive research and data analysis, and should reflect the key behaviors, attitudes, and motivations of the user. As we believe in the future integration of Alexa personas with AI, a well-designed user persona can be of great help as assistance, coach, daily motivator, and even a friend. By understanding the unique needs and preferences of the target audience, designers can create an experience that is not only functional, but also engaging and personalized.
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