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Case Study Restaurant Online Ordering Website Service

1. Problem Statement

  • Challenge: Restaurants face high commission fees from popular delivery platforms, losing up to 45% of income per order. This financial strain is compounded by a lack of digital savviness and previous negative experiences with technology providers.
  • Solution: Develop a bespoke online ordering and delivery system for restaurants that allows them to retain 100% of their earnings and supports them with SEO and digital marketing to enhance their online presence.

2. User Persona

Persona: Chef Marco

  • Demographics: 45 years old, owner and head chef of “La Dolce Vita,” a mid-sized Italian restaurant in Berlin.
  • Background: Passionate about cooking, less knowledgeable about technology. Relies heavily on foot traffic and regular customers.
  • Pain Points:
    • Overwhelmed by the commissions taken by third-party delivery apps.
    • Previous bad experiences with web designers and strict, inflexible contracts.
    • Wants to expand online presence but is wary of potential pitfalls and hidden costs.
  • Goals:
    • Increase direct orders through his own website.
    • Understand and manage his own online ordering system.
    • Build a sustainable online marketing strategy without over-reliance on third-party platforms.

3. User Journey Map

  • Discovery: Chef Marco hears about your service through a peer or an online ad showcasing the benefits and successes of other similar restaurants.
  • Consideration: Reviews detailed case studies, testimonials, and a breakdown of services provided, including transparent pricing and contract terms.
  • Decision: Engages with a customer service rep to discuss his specific needs, fears, and aspirations. Receives a customized proposal.
  • Adoption: Onboards with an easy-to-understand tutorial, direct support from a tech team, and begins seeing the integration of his menu online.
  • Retention: Regular follow-ups from your team to optimize SEO, adjust digital marketing strategies, and provide graphic design services for promotions.

4. User Stories

  • As Chef Marco, I want to:
    • View a simple dashboard so that I can easily manage orders, menu updates, and track earnings.
    • Access real-time support so that I can get help immediately if I encounter any issues.
    • Receive monthly performance reports so that I can see how my restaurant is benefiting from the website and SEO efforts.
    • Control my marketing campaigns so that I feel a sense of ownership and understanding of the promotional activities.

5. Wireframes and Mockups

  • Homepage: Clearly features the restaurant’s brand, menu, and a prominent “Order Now” button. Simple navigation for “About Us,” “Menu,” and “Contact.”
  • Ordering System: Streamlined interface showing menu categories, popular dishes, and an easy checkout process with options for delivery or pick-up.
  • Dashboard: For Chef Marco, a backend system showing order history, revenue, web traffic stats, and marketing tools.

6. SEO and Digital Marketing Plan

  • Initial SEO Audit: Identify current online presence, including website structure, content quality, and competitor analysis.
  • Ongoing SEO Strategies: Monthly keyword optimization, content updates, and local SEO to increase visibility in local searches.
  • Digital Marketing Initiatives: Setup and manage Google Ads, create engaging social media content, and periodic email marketing campaigns to engage regular customers.

7. Service Proposal

  • Transparent Pricing: Clear costs with no hidden fees.
  • Flexible Contracts: Easy opt-out clauses to build trust.
  • Education and Support: Regular workshops and tutorials to empower the restaurant staff with knowledge about managing their online platform.

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