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Comprehensive case study of the Telc app redesign

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Benefit

Feature: User Account and Learning Progress Tracking

  • Problem: Users cannot track their progress or see which chapters they have completed.
  • Solution: Implement a user login system that tracks and visually displays progress on each chapter.
  • Benefit: Users can easily see their learning progress, which motivates continuous engagement and systematic study.

Feature: Search Engine in User Language & Filter with Chapter Topics

  • Problem: Users struggle to find specific content within the app.
  • Solution: Enhance the search engine to operate in the user’s language and include filters based on chapter topics.
  • Benefit: Users can quickly find relevant chapters and topics, improving the learning experience.

Feature: Transition from PDF to Interactive Content

  • Problem: Content in PDF format is static and not engaging.
  • Solution: Convert PDF content into interactive formats within the app to include features like clickable text and embedded quizzes.
  • Benefit: Makes learning more engaging and interactive, which can improve retention and understanding.

Feature: Comprehensive Audio Features

  • Problem: Limited control over audio playback hampers learning.
  • Solution: Introduce advanced audio playback options like autoplay, continuous playback, and the ability to play chapters repeatedly.
  • Benefit: Allows for more flexible and repeated listening, which is crucial for language learning.

Feature: Translation Features and Direction Change

  • Problem: Users need help to understand vocabulary in context.
  • Solution: Provide a translation option for words and phrases, with the ability to change the direction of translation (e.g., German to English and vice versa).
  • Benefit: Enhances understanding and allows for bilingual learning, catering to a wider range of users.

Feature: User-Friendly Visualization and Interface Simplification

  • Problem: The app interface is cluttered and confusing.
  • Solution: Redesign the user interface to include clear icons and a simplified menu structure.
  • Benefit: Users can navigate the app more easily, reducing frustration and improving usability.

Feature: Privacy Controls

  • Problem: Concerns about privacy due to app permissions for microphone and camera.
  • Solution: Implement privacy controls that allow users to disable access when not in use and ensure no background access is happening.
  • Benefit: Increases user trust and complies with strict privacy regulations.

Feature: Accessibility and Compatibility

  • Problem: Users need to access the app across multiple devices, including during commuting.
  • Solution: Ensure the app is compatible across multiple devices, including integration with car infotainment systems.
  • Benefit: Users can learn anytime, anywhere, making the most of their available time and varying contexts.

Feature: Last Session Reminder and Favorite Book Access

  • Problem: Users find it hard to resume learning where they left off or quickly access preferred content.
  • Solution: Implement a feature to remember the last session and provide quick access to a favorite book on app start-up.
  • Benefit: Streamlines the learning process by making it easy to pick up right where they left off, enhancing learner convenience.

Feature: Voice Search for Chapters

  • Problem: Difficulty in locating specific lessons while on the move, especially while driving.
  • Solution: Introduce voice search capability to allow hands-free operation and easy access to specific chapters.
  • Benefit: Improves safety and convenience for users, particularly when they are multi-tasking or on the go.

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