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Initial research phase

I started the user survey phase, including sample questions.

Stage 1: User Surveys

To gather insights from users to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement in the Telc app’s usability and functionality.

Distributed online surveys to 30 intermediate B2 level students enrolled in the “Deutsch für Beruf” course.

Sample Survey Questions and Hypothetical Responses:

  1. How often do you use the Telc app?
  • Responses:
    • “I use it daily during my commute.”
    • “Several times a week, mainly in the evenings.”
  1. What do you find most challenging about the current app interface?
  • Responses:
    • “Navigating through lessons is confusing; it’s hard to find what I need.”
    • “The interface is cluttered, making it difficult to focus on learning.”
  1. Do you feel the app helps you effectively learn German? If not, what’s missing?
  • Responses:
    • “It’s helpful, but I wish there were more interactive exercises.”
    • “I need more audio controls to repeat sections I didn’t understand the first time.”
  1. Would voice command functionality improve your experience? Why or why not?
  • Responses:
    • “Yes, it would be great for hands-free operation, especially while driving.”
    • “Not sure, I rarely use voice commands but it could be useful for searching.”
  1. Are there any privacy concerns you have with the current app?
  • Responses:
    • “I’m worried about the app accessing my microphone or camera in the background.”
    • “Yes, I want to ensure my data is protected and not used without my consent.”
  1. What features would you add to enhance your learning experience?
  • Responses:
    • “Ability to turn off the microphone and camera when not in use.”
    • “A continuous playback option for audio lessons would be helpful.”

Analysis of Survey Results:

  • Common issues include navigation difficulties and a desire for more interactive and customizable learning tools.
  • Privacy concerns are significant, emphasizing the need for enhanced security features.
  • There is interest in voice command functionalities, suggesting an area for potential development.

Next Steps:
Based on the survey feedback, move into the design phase to address the identified needs, focusing on improving navigation, adding privacy controls, and exploring voice command integration.

This structured approach not only highlights the initial research phase of my project but also sets a clear path for subsequent stages, demonstrating a thorough understanding of UX design processes.

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