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Persona: Emily Bauer

Persona: Emily Bauer

Age: 32

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Language Proficiency: Beginner in German

Background: Emily moved from the UK to Germany last year for a new job opportunity. She’s been trying to learn German to integrate better into her work environment and local community. Emily has a busy schedule, often driving to meetings and running errands, so she prefers using her commuting time efficiently by listening to language learning apps through her car’s infotainment system.

Goals: To improve her German language skills effectively. To utilize her commuting time for learning. To be able to track her learning progress and easily review challenging material.

Pain Points: Limited Interaction with In-Car Infotainment: Emily’s preferred language app isn’t compatible with Apple CarPlay in her vehicle, forcing her to manage her learning through her phone, which is inconvenient and potentially unsafe while driving.

Navigation and Usability Issues: The app lacks intuitive navigation and clear titles for audio content, making it difficult for her to select the appropriate lessons or track where she left off.

Lack of Advanced Audio Control Features: She wants the ability to replay specific sections of the audio for better practice and comprehension but the app doesn’t support repetitive listening or continuous play without manual intervention.

Technical Requirements: Compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for safer in-car use. Voice command features to avoid physical interaction with her phone or car system. Enhanced audio controls that allow for easy repetition of lessons and seamless transition between different topics.

Quote: “I need to learn German efficiently during my daily commutes without fiddling with my phone. A car-friendly language app with smart features would be a game-changer for me.”

End Goal: Emily aims to achieve a conversational level of German proficiency within a year to feel more confident at work and in social settings within her new community. She hopes to find an app that adapts to her active lifestyle and learning pace.

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