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Survey Execution: Gathering User Feedback for the Telc App

Introduction: Objective: The initial stage of the Telc app redesign involved a comprehensive survey aimed at understanding the specific needs, preferences, and challenges faced by users. This step was critical in gathering actionable insights that would guide the subsequent design and development phases.

Methodology: An online survey was distributed to 30 intermediate B2-level students who regularly use the Telc app as part of their language learning journey. The survey included a series of targeted questions designed to uncover both the strengths and limitations of the current app experience.

Purpose: The primary goal of this survey was to ensure that the redesign of the Telc app was deeply rooted in user-centered design principles. By directly addressing the concerns and suggestions of actual users, the project aims to enhance overall usability, functionality, and satisfaction.

Creation and Distribution: The survey was designed using Google Forms, a versatile tool that allowed for the creation of a structured and easy-to-navigate questionnaire. To accommodate all participants effectively, the survey was made bilingual, available in both English and German, ensuring clarity and accessibility for the diverse user base of the Telc app.

Survey Content: The questionnaire included a mix of multiple-choice questions and open-ended responses to capture a broad range of insights. Questions covered usability, functionality preferences, privacy concerns, and potential improvements. This approach allowed for quantitative data collection and qualitative insights, providing a rich dataset for analysis.

Distribution Method: To reach a wide audience, the survey link was distributed through WhatsApp groups dedicated to the “Deutsch für Beruf” course students. This method ensured a higher response rate as WhatsApp is a commonly used communication platform among the students, facilitating easy access and submission of the survey.

Ensuring a Diverse and Representative Sample: To capture well-rounded feedback, efforts were made to include a diverse group of users. The survey targeted students of various proficiency levels within the B2 course, including both native and non-native German speakers. This diversity helped gather a wide array of perspectives, crucial for developing an app that caters effectively to its user base.

Statistical Analysis: Responses collected through Google Forms were automatically organized into a spreadsheet, which facilitated straightforward statistical analysis. This data was crucial for identifying common trends and patterns in user feedback, enabling targeted updates and improvements. The analysis focused on areas like most requested features, common usability issues, and overall user satisfaction.

Future Updates: The insights derived from this survey are intended to guide the future development of the Telc app. By understanding user needs and preferences, the app can be optimized in subsequent updates to enhance learning experiences and address privacy concerns more effectively. This methodical approach ensured that the survey not only reached a broad segment of the target user base, but also provided valuable data that will inform the development of a more user-friendly and secure Telc app.


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