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Case Study for Restautant Services APP

Problem Statement

Challenge: Restaurants face high commission fees from popular delivery platforms, losing up to 45% of income per order. This financial strain is compounded by a lack of digital savviness and previous negative experiences with technology providers. Solution: Develop a bespoke online ordering and delivery system for restaurants that allows them to retain 100% of their earnings and supports them with SEO and digital marketing to enhance their online presence.

Carla Mayson

Restaurant Owner

Marco Gianoty


Jackie Taylor


Hailey Owen


Jade Eliot


Alvin Terry


Remi Lynch


Finn Cole

Delivery driver

User Persona


  • Demographics: 45 years old, owner and head chef of “La Dolce Vita,” a mid-sized Italian restaurant in Berlin.
  • Background: Passionate about cooking, less knowledgeable about technology. Relies heavily on foot traffic and regular customers.
  • Pain Points:
    • Overwhelmed by the commissions taken by third-party delivery apps.
    • Previous bad experiences with web designers and strict, inflexible contracts.
    • Wants to expand online presence but is wary of potential pitfalls and hidden costs.
  • Goals:
    • Increase direct orders through his own website.
    • Understand and manage his own online ordering system.
    • Build a sustainable online marketing strategy without over-reliance on third-party platforms.

I approached the project through a series of focused steps. Here’s how I did it:


1. Defined the User Needs and Business Goals:

Action: I started by interviewing restaurant owners and staff to understand their challenges, needs, and goals. This helped me identify the key features they needed from an online ordering system.

2. Created User Personas

Action: Based on my interviews and research, I developed detailed user personas that represent the typical users of our system, such as restaurant owners, managers, and staff. These personas guided my design decisions.

3. Conducted Competitive Analysis

Action: I analyzed existing solutions in the market to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This insight allowed me to position our app as a superior alternative by addressing gaps left by competitors.

4. Mapped Out User Journeys

Action: I outlined the typical user journeys for each persona to visualize how they would interact with our app from discovery to regular use. This helped ensure the user experience was seamless and intuitive.

5. Sketched Wireframes and Prototypes

Action: I created initial wireframes and interactive prototypes to explore different design solutions. This iterative process involved regular feedback from potential users and stakeholders to refine the user interface.

6. Tested User Interface (UI)

Action: I conducted usability testing sessions with prototypes to gather user feedback. These insights were critical in iterating the design to improve usability and ensure the app met user expectations.

7. Developed the Final UI and UX Specifications

Action: After several rounds of testing and refinements, I finalized the UI design and compiled comprehensive UX specifications to guide the development team.

8. Launched a Pilot Program

Action: We launched a pilot version of the app with a few selected restaurants to see the app in action and gather real-world usage data.

9. Analyzed Feedback and Made Adjustments

Action: I closely monitored the feedback from the pilot program, making necessary adjustments to the app’s design and functionality based on actual user experiences.

10. Rolled Out the Final Product

Action: With all refinements in place, I oversaw the full rollout of the app, ensuring that all user feedback had been addressed and that the app was ready for wider adoption.

Each step was designed to ensure that the final product not only met but exceeded the expectations of our restaurant partners, providing them with a valuable tool to expand their businesses without the burden of high commission fees.

Restaurant picture with a Woman dressed as a Chef. She is Asian and she is beautiful. Wearing a chef long tall hat. AI art generated by Barbara
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